First Timers


We want to share our knowledge of skiing and snowboarding with you. Weather you are new to the sport or returning to the sport, this information will help you prepare and enjoy your day at the mountain even more!

The first step is to pick a destination, our Learn To Guide has all the information you need to select the mountain that is right for you, including directions and pricing.

Once you have decided where you are going you should get your clothing ready, you will be outside in the elements and dressing correctly will ensure a great day.  Layering is key!

You don’t need to buy the latest fashions but a good pair of snow pants and a good jacket will be needed. You should also get ski or snowboard socks, they are lightweight and super warm! Get a good pair of gloves and winter hat. 

Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen too!

Most ski areas have a drop off zone near the main entrance. Saturday mornings tend to be busy times at base lodges, but don’t feel bad about asking a ski area team member where something is, they will be glad to show you. 

We recommend you  look at the ski areas website and base area maps to get an understanding of where the services you need are located. 

You will want to find the ticket counter or Learning Center to start you day. Here you will be able to purchase lift tickets, lessons, rentals and get information on where you can store your street cloths and where the bathrooms are.

Once you get ready head on outside and enjoy the day on the slopes!

Base Lodge – hub of the ski area, you will find ticket sales, rentals, a retail shop, bathrooms & food and beverage options in the Base Lodge (some areas have more than one base lodge)

Lift Ticket – this is your pass to use the mountain, you will need to keep this attached to your jacket while you are at the mountain

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