Be Sun Safe On The Slopes

NSAA and Huntsman Cancer Institute have come together to promote Sun Safe on the Slopes. High elevation exposes your skin to more radiation. The sun reflects off the snow and is stronger than you think! A ski vacation with a sun burn is no fun! Protect your skin while enjoying the slopes in summer or winter.

Hannah Kearney on Sun Safety

 “Skiing is a wonderful way to enjoy the mountains and the company of family and friends during the winter months. While you’re out on the slopes, it’s easy to forget you’re exposed to damaging UV rays that are reflected by the snow. I take care of my skin by using at least SPF 30 whether it is sunny, cloudy or even snowy. You want to go home with awesome stories from the mountain, not a sun burn. Please be sun safe on the slopes.”

On skis since she was two years old, Hannah is an Olympic Champion, World Champion and one of the greatest stars of her sport.

To ensure you have a safe and fun day on the slopes, remember these tips to protect you from the sun and its radiation.
• Wear pants, long sleeves, and gloves even on warm days.
• Put on a hat or helmet that covers your ears.
• Wear 100% UV protection goggles or sunglasses.
• Apply generous amounts of SPF 30+ sunscreen on exposed skin every two hours.
• It’s not the heat of the sun that causes skin damage but radiation from the sun.

What to look for in sunblock:
• SPF 30 or higher
• Broad Spectrum
• Zinc Oxide, titanium dioxide or both

Outreach and Education
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Eye Protection
Eye health is important for everyone. Skiers and snowboarders spend long hours on the snow which can increase your risk of eye health issues. Fortunately, wearing good quality sunglasses and goggles, that offer UV-protection are a great way to significantly reduce these risks. Below are several resources you can check out to learn more about the importance of wearing eye protection when you’re enjoying the slopes.


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